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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Good Kin in more than one way

I am a big fan of Anne McCaffery's Pern novels, so I was a little concerned when I saw that she had written Dragon's Kin with her son, Todd. I've never been a big fan of collaborative novels. Is writing ability passed on in the genes?? The answer is yes. I am about halfway through and it is classic Pern so far.

This story is set in about the middle of Pern's history. Kindan is the son of a miner, who is helping a new mining community get going. His father is also bonded to the community's watch-wher. Dragon's kin, the watch-wher helps warn the miners of danger in the pits. However when a sudden pocket of gas is hit there is no time for warning. Kindan looses his father and brothers. An orphan, Kindan thinks his life is leading him toward being a harper to sing and teach in his society. What changes and challenges lie him ahead??


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