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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yes, Chef

Marcus Samuelsson's life has had many twists. Born in Ethiopia and saved by his mother who walked he and his sister to the city hospital at the cost of her own life, Samuelsson and his sister were adopted and raised in Sweden. Too small to progress professionaly in soccer, he is inspired by his Swedish grandmother's passion for food to go to culinary school. His memoir focuses on his travels as he learns his craft and builds his reputation through Europe to New York City. He is driven in his career at the expense of his personal life, but his kitchen tales are interesting. The sudden death of a mentor thrusts him into the limelight. The chance to be his own man means he has to buy his own name back from the restaurant firm he worked for. Not gnarly kitchen tales, but the quest of a chef to become great and to learn to have a personal life.


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