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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Too good not to blog about

I'm not done yet, but I know Audrey McClellen isn't going to leave me in the lurch; so I am heartily recommending her book.
Westering Home is a charming novel set on an island off of Scotland. Jean is reeling from learning about her husbands on going adultery. Some distance seems like a good idea in order to sort her life out. She heads to Eilean Dubh, where a family member came from years and years ago. She is enchanted by this Gaelic speaking island and becomes part of the island's life. She also meets the charismatic Darroch. He helps her work through her pain, to fit into the community, to find her ancestor and to love again.
Having said that, this is not a formula romance novel. I care as much about Jean's life as her love life. I started it last night and am about halfway through already.

Update: I finished Westering Home and continued to enjoy the characters. I look forward to the new book The White Rose of Scotland, which should be out soon. McClellan has a web page at Scottish Island Novels.


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