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Friday, May 21, 2004

Some excuses are better than others...

Sometimes you say you were stuck in a traffic jam. Sometimes the dog ate your homework. However Suzy Becker's excuse tops most of ours, so she called her memoir - I had brain surgery, what's your excuse?"

Becker, who was already a successful author, had a life that seemed to be going really well. She was in a great relationship with her new girlfriend, Karen. She had just won a prestigious Bunting fellowship at Harvard. Then she had a seizure and mass in her brain changed everything.

The surgery is successful in that the mass is removed; however her speech is impaired when it is done. How she tackles the challenges - sometimes well and sometimes not, over the next year or so, comprise this comic, poignant book with humourous illustrations polka dotting the text! Becker rediscovers who she is and you will discover a great book.


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