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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Guilty pleasures

I read Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie the other day. It was a funny, quick, sugar coated read. Min has just broken up with Dave, her boyfriend and date to her sister's wedding. Not a good way to start the evening.

She and her friends are consoling themselves and taking about the men at the Long Shot. Min overhears her ex and the good looking Cal make a bet that Cal can't get her into bed in a month. Or that's what she thinks she hears. Min thinks she'll string him along for the month of the bet and have a replacement for the wedding. Then she'll dump him like the cad he appears to be. Dinner that night is a disaster and they vow never to see each other again.

However not all is as it seems. With the help of tempting food forbidden to the wedding dieting Min, cute nephews, pushy friends and Emilio's restaurant, Min and Cal find themselves pushed together. A delicious piece of candy or perhaps a piece of Emilio's chicken marsala, you'll find you can't put this down.

To read more about Jennifer Cruisie works visit her web page.


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