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Monday, March 01, 2004


I recently went out of town for training and stuffed books in my bag for the trip. Mercedes Lackey writes so many that I am always behind. What a perfect chance to catch up!!

I am particularly fond of her books set in the kingdom of Valdemar. She has set a number of multi-volume and single titles in this land and it is a captivating world for fantasy. While Valdemar has a ruler, the ruler must also be a Herald and every Herald must be bonded to one of the magical Companions. It is this special relationship that has protected the land and let it prosper. Lackey writes truely compelling characters and I go back again and again to see what is happening in Valdemar.

On this trip one of the one's I took was Exile's Honor, which is the first in the series about Alberich. He had appeared in previous volumes as the weaponsmaster and teacher. He is also an unusual character, because he was a soldier in Karse originally and Karse's most hated enemy was Valdemar. How does Alberich become a Herald and stay true to himself and his love of Karse, if not Karse's leaders. Well you'll have to read it to find out!!

To see a list of the Valdemar novels at Lackey's page


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