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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Summer Magic

Elizabeth Enright wrote several children's series. One of my favourites growing up was Gone Away Lake. Portia and her brother go out to spend the summer in the country with their aunt, uncle and cousin. Portia and her cousin Julian are best friends.

While rambling in the woods early in the summer, they get lost. Sometimes it isn't getting lost that is important. It is what you find. What they find is Gone Away - a resort town of the early 1900s, which disappeared when the dam dried up the lake. A brother and sister returned to the current swamp when money dried up just like the lake and are spending their old age there. Portia and Julian adopt Uncle Pin (Pindar) and Aunt Min and try to keep this cool place and people a secret. The past and present blend into a wonderful summer adventure.

Enright wrote a second book set there - Return to Gone Away.


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