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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Scrumptious dumplings??!!

I really enjoyed My Cup Runnth Over, which was the first book about Angelica Cookson Potts. My only complaint is the same as for the first one. It was too short. This is a great young adult novel. My Scrumptious Scottish Dumplings by Whystock is one to snag!

Angel goes off to Scotland with her eccentric parents shortly after the fashion show of the first novel. Her father, whose nickname Potty fits, eats some local haggis and realizes he has been eating counterfeit haggis from Harrods back home. In his typical Potty fashion, he protests at Harrods and writes pamphlets. Unlike previous Potty protests, he gets arrested.

As if their lives aren't thrown into enough turmoil with the moving of Mercedes, Angel and the gang now need to prove Potty is right. And Sydney is still hanging around. What does Angel want to make of that??

Great fun, too short. Love the author's illustrations too.


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