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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vagabond Stars

There are some books you think might be a bit boring, but no! Vagabond Stars by Sandrow is the story of Yiddish theater, which evolved in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. Yiddish theater migrated to the US with the immigration of Eastern European Jews. Interestingly Americans took it back to Europe after the war. The stars and the history of the theater were fascinating and fun.

Two of my favourite stories were about Molly Picon, who wrote her own biography too. She became famous for her roles in comedies and was part of the group who travelled in Europe.

Boris Thomashefsky, who also happens to be the grandfather of Michael Tilson Thomas, was one of the biggest stars of Yiddish theater. I loved the story about a mistake, which let him watch his own death being mourned and to his satisfaction mourned in a big way.

Give it a try.


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