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Monday, March 28, 2005


The daffodils are coming up in my yard. While they always tell me spring is on the way, they also remind me of a poignant children's book.

"One Yellow Daffodil" by David Adler is the story of Morris Kaplan. He runs a flower shop and brother and sister, Jonathan and Ilana, come to his shop for flowers every Friday for the Sabbath. As the three become friends, the children invite him to spend Hanukkah with their family.

The invitiation stirs up difficult memories for Morris Kaplan as he is a holocaust survivor. The daffodil refers to a single daffodil that bloomed in the concentration camp and somehow inspired him to survive.

Besides being a holiday book, this book would be useful in holocaust discussions with grade school children. The picture book is nicely illustrated and the story well told without being maudlin.


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