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Friday, December 10, 2004

Death in the land of needlework

Monica Ferris introduced us to her detective/needlework store owner, Betsy Devonshire, in the novel Crewel World. The latest is Cutwork as each title has a tie back to needlework or crafts as well as a project to work on in the back.

I must admit that I am not a rabid Ferris fan the way I love Earlene Fowler. The characters are nice and I look forward to seeing them in each novel. I love the way Betsy and Godwin's relationship as employer and employee and friends is evolving. My only fault is that in the last few, I see the murderer too soon. I stink at figuring out mysteries, so this may be a real problem for avid mystery fans who love the puzzle.

Cutwork is about a murder at a craft fair being held in town. The police are sure the young hoodlum they arrested for the death of the woodcarver is the killer. Betsy knows he is not a lily white kid, but doesn't think he did the crime. In the book you also see both Jill and Godwin sort out their relationships, which was fun.


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