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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Since riding in the car is a major way for my daughter to take a nap, I have been revisiting a favourite. I grew up in a family in which having nothing around to read was traumatic, so I keep a book in the glove box. Then when she conks out, I pull over and read until she wakes up.

So what book is worth of being an emergency book. The same one worth of owning in 2 paperback copies and one hardback. Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams, of course. Tad Williams is the master of the epic, zillion page, multivolume saga. Dragonbone Chair was his first.

It is the story of Simon, the scullion. He is convinced that he destined for a dreary life. He listens to the stories of heroes and dreams. When the king dies and brothers confront each other, Simon finds himself thrust into the kind of adventure he only heard about from minstrels. He learns that minstrels never sing about being scared and hungry and alone.

Williams is not content to bringing Simon to life. He creates a wide canvas of characters, all of whom you care about. It reminds me of Tolkein in its sweep. If you fall in love with Dragonbone Chair, book two is Stone of Farewell; book three is To Green Angel Tower. Beware this story is addictive!!!!


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