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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Time to read

With a sixteen month old, it is harder to find time to read. So today I thought I'd talk about a couple of magzines you might enjoy.

Ireland of the Welcomes
This magazine is from the Irish Tourist Board. It has a variety of articles each month. Normally several travel articles, an arts article, a history piece, a book review section, news and a column entitled "Byways not the Highways". It is a fun magazine and the articles are well written.

Scottish Life
This title is published in the US for people interested in Scotland. It does have travel articles, but it is not the exclusive focus. It has several regular columns that are wonderful. One is about life out on the Hebrides Islands. I wish she would gather them as a book. They have regular music columns as well as one called Parish of the Peats about Scotch whiskey. :D


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