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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Memoir with food

Yes I know I seem to gravitate toward memoirs with recipes, but honest I didn't know it had recipes until I checked it out. :)

I finished Bento Box in the Heartland by Furiya in two days. Since I have a small child that alone should be a sterling recommendation.

Bento Box weaves together the lives of Linda Furiya in Versailles, Indianna and her Japanese parents. I felt a certain kinship with Linda, who as a Japanese-American felt like an outsider in "whitebread America." I also enjoyed watching her try to integrate her parent's past and choices into her life. The book is fun and poignant at turns.

Food is the way her parents keep their ties to Japan alive. So tales of food and the long distance quests for ingredients weave through her story. Recipes end each chapter.

When I was done I wanted to meet Linda. I felt like we could be good friends.


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