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Monday, April 06, 2009

Back in France

Well after several books I didn't enjoy as much, I'm back to my books set in France habit.

A Summer in Gascony tell the story of Martin Calder's summer job on a farm in the Gascony area of Southern France. The book is a nice mix of life on the farm and his adjustment to the rhythms of the land. From herding sheep to working with crops, Calder gets a good work out at Auberge, a farm and B&B. He also tells about the history area and it's links to England going back to Eleanor of Aquitaine. I was intrigued by the chapter on the Cagots, who for centuries lived on the outskirts of towns as a sort of unclean caste. This college student abroad also embarks on a summer romance with fellow student worker, Anja.

It was a quick read and quite enjoyable.


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