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Monday, June 28, 2004

Chocoholics unite

Candyfreak....That's what I am. When I could still eat candy, I have been known to eat a whole Whitman sampler on my own. Steve Almond must be my long lost brother.

His book is an interesting trip. The big three - Hershey, Mar and one I forget corner the market. They can afford the stocking fees. That's right candy producers have to pay to be put on the rack. Stores aren't content with the sale. Anyway I digress.

What about the little guys? All the little regional candies that are struggling to stay in the game. Almond roams the US and samples - Valomars, GooGoos, Idaho Spuds, Necco wafers, Five Star Bars and many more. It's all there, every gooey delcious bite. The crazy machines and the characters who run them.

Read this and you will never settle for something as plebeian as a Hersey bar again. :) So be a Candyfreak. To share your own candyfreak obsessions check out his page Steve


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