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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bridesmaid's dress optional

What would you do if your fiancee and girlfriend of ten years dumps you the week of the wedding? Then you go back to work and a demotion?

In "Honeymoon with my Brother", Franz Wisner decides to go on the honeymoon after all. He just takes his recently divorce brother Kurt instead. What starts out as a lark begins a several year trek around the world.

Wisner does a good job of balancing his inner journey of getting over a broken heart and bonding with his brother and the larger journey of seeing the world. He has a great ear/eye for capturing the poignancy and absurdity of the locals and his fellow world travellers.

His grandmother LaRue is a presence throughout the book. As others worry about their finances and getting a "real" job, LaRue and her geriatric companions at the home encourage the brothers. They know life is too short not to go for it.

The world travellers have a web page


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