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Monday, July 23, 2007

One good and one pass

I can't really recommend More Sand in My Bra. I checked out this collection of vacation essays hoping for a good giggle. Must admit that I was a little disappointed. It wouldn't be suprising if you didn't like each author, but could have passed on most of them. Maybe I was just having a humour impaired night, when I was reading it, but it was certainly not "bust a gut with laughter" as advertised.

On the other hand I just grabbed an old favourite off a cart of returned books to take to lunch. I am a fan of Delderfield. God is an Englishman is the story of Adam Swann, a former soldier serving in India during the mutinies. He resigns and returns home. This is where the story takes off. He starts a transportation company filling in the gaps between the new railway lines. The book is the first in one of Delderfield's sweeping saga. His sagas tend to track a family and the social dynamics of the day. This is no different. I find him highly readable and recommend this one.


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