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Monday, April 07, 2008

One more sip

Okay I've talked about several Starbucks based books lately and didn't mean to read another. However a patron recommended How Starbucks Saved My Life very vigorously, so I got on the hold list.

Gill was the archtypical adman - the travel, the big accounts, the pressure, etc. Then he got to old for a young man's game, at least in the eyes of the young men. Loosing his job, his marriage, etc in a short time, Gill found himself a broke and broken man. Stopping for an inexpensive treat that he couldn't probably afford anyway, Gill stops by a Starbucks for a coffee. Several managers were holding a hiring fair at that store. One comes over and asks the man in the Brooks Brothers suit if he wants a job almost as a joke. Gill is suprised to hear himself say, yes.

The book follows his course as he regains some confidence and learns to reprioritize his values. He mixes his privileged past with his present. It did seem like he indulges in a bit of name dropping, but overall it was an interesting book.


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