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Monday, April 27, 2009

Horse Boy

Horse Boy is Rupert Isaacson's story of his son's autism and the family's search for a healer. Isaacson has longstanding ties with shamans in Africa.

Isaacson and his wife meet in India and fall in love. They are living in Texas when their son, Rowan, is diagnosised with autism. Rowan's bonding with a neighbor's horse leads Issaacson's decision to look for shaman's in Mongolia and Siberia. The trip partly in a leopard interior van and partly on horse across Mongolia is eventful. He and his wife question their decision to pursue this trip for Rowan. The journey is funny and frustrating in turns. However in the end visting shaman's proves beneficial to Rowan. He isn't "cured", but he is now potty trained and no longer has the out of control temper tantrums that he did. His speech and behaviour is more interactive and complex.

What do I think of the book? It was well written and very interesting. It does seem like they found an answer for their son. Do I think I would go to Mongolia for a cure for my child? I might not be that "new age" a parent, but who knows what you will do for a child.


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