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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Murdering a dragon! What next

I had to pick up Swann's "Dragons of the Cuyahoga" because I used to live in Northern Ohio. So any book where a dragon plunges from the sky and lands in the Cuyahoga River... well you just have to check it out.

Ten years previous to the start of the book, a portal from a magical world opened in the Cleveland football stadium. And magical beings stepped out, including dragons. The mayor of Cleveland seized up on the portal as a way to financially save the city. He manages to block the Feds out of it all and the commercializing of the portal began.

Maxwell is a political beat reporter for a Cleveland newspaper. He isn't thrilled to be assigned to cover the death of a dragon. In his mind a "fuzzy gnome" story better suited for a lesser status reporter.

However nothing about this story is what it seems to be. He becomes convinced the dragon was murdered. He gets pulled farther into the dangerous political power games played by others.

In many ways this is a mystery novel with an SF setting, but it is a great ride. Dwarves of Whiskey Island is the next in the series.


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