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Thursday, May 11, 2006

popping them like bon bons

I recently found Aunt Dimity's Death by Atherton in my mom's vast stash of mysteries. It is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Lori and the ghost of her mother's best friend, Aunt Dimity. These are cozy mysteries set in England; although Lori is an American.

In the first book Lori's life has been spiralling downward financially and emotionally since the death of her mother. Out of the blue she gets a letter asking her to come to the offices of one of Boston's most blueblooded law firms. She arrives in the middle of a terrible storm. Things have hit bottom. Turns out things are about to go up. It seems that the Aunt Dimity of her mother's bedtime stories are a real person and her mother's best friend from the war.

Lori will be paid to do some research and editing on a book, if she goes to England. Suddenly her money problems are solved and her life may have a chance to get back on track. Of course she didn't plan on Aunt Dimity's ghost being there to keep her company. And the senior partner's son is there too under her feet and being a little to attractive. Lori finds herself trying to discover both her mother and Dimity's secrets.

These are nice little mysteries and are easy reads for the end of a long day.


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