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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Missing Morse

Like many fans of PBS's show Mystery, I loved the morose Morse. They have recently filmed a show with just Lewis. Whatley, who plays Lewis, said how Sheila Hancock, Thaw's widow, gave him an okay to continue. In the interview, Whatley also mentioned that Hancock had written a memoir of her life with Thaw.

The Two of Us is Hancock's look back at both their lives. In alternating chapters she builds their lives up to their meeting and falling in love. Their 20 plus year romance is full of passion and pain. Thaw dealt with problems with alcohol and withdrawal for much of his adult life. However in the end they both faced some of their demons. Unfortunately it didn't have a happy ending. Thaw was diagnosed with cancer. Horribly for Hancock it was the same cancer that had taken her first husband. Her diary entries from after his death convey her sense of devastating loss.

Even if you weren't a fan of Thaw as an actor; although that seems impossible, this is a good story well told.