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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ryan and Jimmy

I was torn about which of my book blogs to put this in, but this really isn't for younger kids.

Ryan and Jimmy by Shoveller is the true story of a dream, a friendship and a civil war.

Ryan was a first grader in Canada, who learned people were dying because they didn't have clean water. He decided to raise money for a well. Most people figured he'd loose interest, but he didn't and his determination drew lots of support. Eventually he raised enough to dig a well in Uganda.

Jimmy, an orphan of the civil war, lived in Uganda where the well was dug. He became Ryan's penpal and friend after Ryan visited.

However things didn't remain calm and Jimmy's part of Uganda and he had to flee. Ryan's family worked to bring him to Canada.

The book tells their story with honesty. I think lots of grade schoolers would relate and it would appeal to reluctant readers because of the elements of danger to draw them on.