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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thrones, Dominations

I am an admitted Lord Peter Wimsey fan. He is the detective hero of Dorothy L. Sayers mysteries. I will also admit that I am not a fan of people finishing, writing new endings, etc of books after their author dies. So I have avoided Thrones, Dominations for years. What a waste of time! I have been missing a great book. Sayers started this mystery in the 1930s and put it aside for other works and it was not completed at her death. In theory Jill Paton Walsh has finished it, but I found it to be seamless and true to Sayers style. It tells the story of Harriet and Peter after the Busman's Honeymoon and is set in London. It deals with how two very intelligent people learn to create a relationship where they are true to each other and themselves. And there is a murder half way through. :) If you are a Sayers fan, it is okay you can read it and won't be horrified, but delighted.