Books to curl up with: a librarian's musings

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An old friend - RF Delderfield

I was looking for a book to download to my new toy. As I was browsing through my libraries Overdrive e-branch, I saw my old friend RF Delderfield.

Delderfield was the master of the sprawling English family epic. I am currently re-reading God is an Englishman. It is the first novel in the Swann Saga. Adam Swann survived Crimea and Indian Mutinies and has had enough of the soldier's life. He ends up shockingly in "the trade". Delderfield uses the multitude of people involved in Swann's business to explore the history and class issues of England in a way that is so enjoyable.

If you want to start with one of his one volume novels, I recommend To Serve Them All My Days. David Powlett-Jones survived WWI and lands a job at a public boys school. (a private school by US standards.) As the son of a Welsh coal miner, Powlett-Jones is a fish out of water and brings much to the school in the inter-war years. It was also an excellent BBC series

Wine to Water

I've gone through a lull of so-so books. Then Doc Hendley's book Wine to Water came my way. Hendley, cycle riding bartender from North Carolina, didn't envision himself as saving the world. However he became inspired to do something about the lack of drinkable water around the world. Starting with wine and beer party fundraisers, he got money to build some wells. This begins his journeys into places like war torn Darfur. An exciting and engaging memoir

Please get this from your library or in a paper copy. Penguin has cut off libraries from the e-book market and doesn't need your e-book support.