Books to curl up with: a librarian's musings

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

King Peggy fights for truth and justice

In a better world King Peggy would have a super cape as well as a crown. Peggielene Bartels was born in Ghana, got an education in England, landed a job in the US and became a citizen. Her life was settled and had a pattern. Until the gods decided that she should be the successor of her late uncle as the king of the Otuam in Ghana. She takes this responsibility very seriously and wants to help the people of the village with water, education and more. Before she can do this she must deal with the under the table money taking of her council, the late king's vengeance driven children. Unfortunately for them King Peggy is not going to take any of this lying down. This memoir was a wonderful read and when I was done I had nothing but admiration for King Peggy who rose to the needs of her people so well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The power of friendship

Laura Schroff's book, An Invisible Thread, chronicles her unusual friendship with a young boy panhandling on the streets. This book had the potential to become maudlin or saintlike. She and her co-author did a wonderful job of avoiding this pitfall. Instead the book tells the story of a woman, who because of her childhood, understands the need for a safe place and Maurice, a young boy with tons of potential in need of a friend who believes in him. I highly recommend this memoir.