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Monday, January 25, 2010

All fifty states

British actor and comedian Stephen Fry traversed America visiting all 50 states. I, of course, went to my state first and he had a good time. This a quick read and a fun travelogue. Try Stephen Fry in America. He likes us and you will like him too.

I tried

If you have read Macomber's knitting books, you may like The Friday Night Knitting Club by Jacobs. I enjoyed the characters, but wanted the book to be a little deeper. I also felt the ending was as bad as a song by Bobby Goldsboro. Not sure I'd recommend it or not. Seems like it does have fans, so it may be me. Will probably read the others to see what happens to Dakota.

Norman Rockwell: Mr. Americana

In Norman Rockwell: behind the camera was interesting to read about Rockwell's struggles with the move to taking photos for his illustration. ("Real artists use live models" creedo) However as he moved to the countryside, he began using neighbors as models, who couldn't sit for days on end or even hours. Then he learned what the photographs brought to his work. It was also interesting to read the interviews with some of the models