Books to curl up with: a librarian's musings

Monday, April 16, 2007

Angel and the gang are back

Not sure how I missed the new Whytock book about Angelica Cookson Potts, affectionately known as Angel, but I did. So check out My saucy stuffed ravioli

In the new novel Harrods is kissing up to the Cookson Potts family after it turned out in book 2 that Angel's dad was right about Harrod's selling bogus haggis. The director of Harrrods is lending an Italian villa to Angela's family and her gang of friends are coming.

So here's the update Angel is officially smitten with Sydney, who after planting that big smooch on her is ignoring her advances. Her friend Mercedes has finally come home to live with her grandparents after the Florida sojourn. Her mother is being mysteriously happy and talking in Italian. Where will Angel find a bathingsuit for Italy that makes her feel fab next to her thin smaller friends? Will love find Angel on Italian shores or is it closer to home???

As always it all works out, but not as Angel expects. And as always my only complaint is that Whystock writes books that are too short. Recommend for all teens into chick lit.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Gringos in Paradise

Barry Golson has written a wonderful book about he and his wife's retirement to Mexico.

Golson worked for major magazines for years, but as he got older he found that editors got younger and younger and the jobs got scarcer and scarcer. Unlike many of the books where people go overseas to live the Golsons moved to Mexico to be able to live on the money they had left.

The Golsons really try to fit into their community and I enjoyed their story of settling in. He writes of the other expats and the locals with genuine affection.