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Friday, May 01, 2009

Family bonds

Some family you are born into and some you create yourself. Earlene Fowler's new novel Love Mercy explores those bonds. The novel bounces between Rett, Love and Mel telling their stories.

Rett is Love's granddaughter, who has been raised away from her late father's family. Broken hearted the 18 year old has run away to her little known grandmother's. She hopes to figure out her messed up family and get even with her two timing boyfriend Dale, who two timed her with her sister.

Mel is a former policewoman, who came to Morro Bay to commit suicide several years ago. Instead she met Love's late husband, Cy, chasing chickens. How can you die after chasing chickens? Cy and Love have become the family she wanted, but her past is catching up with her.

Love is dealing with a lot. She still grieves for her husband and her son. She is delighted to have her granddaughter with her, but how to help a teen who doesn't think she wants help. She is also trying to help her in laws, especially August who is slipping way from dementia. And how to help her friend Mel.

This book is set in 2008 so we get some flash forwards in Benni Haper's life. Benni and her family pop up through out.

I enjoyed this book, but found the trading chapters technique a tiny bit stilted. Fowler did the same with her recent Saddlemaker's Wife. I would like to see more of Love and her family. :)

Note: Several of the Amazon comments said that they found the book overly evangelical. I didn't find it that way at all. People go to church and wonder where God is in times of need. Okay, that didn't strike me as being preachy or evangelical. Your call. Read and see.