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Friday, December 11, 2009

Margrave of the Marshes

Being in the states, I never got a chance to really hear enough of John Peel. He was one of the most renown DJs in Britian and admired for his knowledge and passion for music. His "Peel Sessions" are legendary.

He died suddenly of a heart attack before completing Margrave of the Marshes, which was completed by his wife Sharon. It left me wanting evenmore. Wish he could have written a book on the musicians he met and fostered.

Correction noted, his wife is Sheila. My mistake.

Pilgrim's passage

Hape Kerkeling is a comedian and self confessed couch potato. Not the first person you'd expect to walk the Camino de Santiago across the Pyrenees and the north of Spain. However I found his diary to be insightful, amusing and rich.

Try I'm off then.