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Monday, March 06, 2006

Where are all the bodies buried

Louella Parsons knew. She chronicled film from the dawn of motion pictures to the end of the big studios. She began as a story editor in the age of silent movies; however on loosing her job she turned to journalism in Chicago. She moved on to New York and then California. She became one of the most powerful film critic/gossip columnists of her age, an age that lasted several decades. At her senith she had 40 million readers. She told the world a sanitized version of the lives of stars... unless you displeased either she or Mr. Hearst. Then she could crush a career in a few words.

The First Lady of Hollywood : A Biography of Louella Parsons is the first big biography of Parsons and shoots holes in her autobiography, which glossed over the less socially acceptable parts of her life. I found it interesting and well written, but at times a little academic in it's style.