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Monday, October 29, 2012

Longest way home

Must admit I had mixed feelings as a woman reader with the subtitle of "One man's quest for the courage to settle down." However Andrew McCarthy won me over. I've never actually seen one of his films, but I have enjoyed his travel writing in the past. If you haven't tried him, I would like to point out that he's won more awards for his writing than his acting so he is more than a pretty face. In this travel memoir McCarthy takes a variety of trips before his upcoming wedding to resolve his feelings of being an outsider in life. He reflects on his childhood, the places he is going and his love for his fiancee and children. In the end he seems to have worked many of his issues through and shown us wonderful and remote spots of the world. I finished with the hope that he and his family are on their way to a joyful life and lots of great travel.