Books to curl up with: a librarian's musings

Monday, January 31, 2011


I am not the biggest Austenphile around, but I do like her. So this contemporary novel caught my eye. Jane is an Austenphile and Colin Firth admirerer. Her rich aunt decides to help her over this stage of comparing all men to Darcy and leaves her a trip in her will. Jane is to go on vacation for three weeks to live and breath the life of a regency woman.

Austenland is an enjoyable novel, but I wanted to like it a bit more than I did.

Michael Tucker - racounteur

Recently read two memoirs by Tucker, the actor from stage and LA Law.

Living in a Foreign Language recounts he and his wife's purchase of a house in Umbria as they look at their next stage of life. Family Meals tells the tale the transitition to Umbria and NYC as his mother-in-law needs more and more help as she slips away.

The stories are well told and flow lightly. I was particularly impressed with his handling of his mother-in-law's personality and his wife's dealing with the past and the future.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Naughty Lola Sequel

David Rose has collected a new batch of sarcastic, weird and delightful personal ads from the London Review. The new collection is Sexually, I'm more of a Switzerland. Easy to pick up and read a few for a quick laugh.

Am I humour impaired

Squirrel seeks chipmunk has a big following. However Sedaris's humour seems to be lost on me. I couldn't read anymore after the tale of the manipulative bear who ends up a brutalized dancing bear in a show. sorry.

Floating the canals of France

For better or worse, For richer or poorer is the Horners' recounting of chucking their English life and buying a boat. Damian and Siobhan take turns recounting the adventures and mishaps of taking a boat down the water ways of France with two young children. This was a funny read, but not sure I want to follow in their footsteps. :)

Have wok will travel

Fuschia Dunlop was a journalist who went to learn Chinese in Sichuan provinence. When an opportunity arose to follow her real dream, she signed up at the culinary school in Chengdu.

Shark's fin and Sichuan pepper is her memoir interpreted through food. She also chronicles a disappearing time in Chengdu's history. I really enjoyed this and may try one of her cookbooks next!