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Monday, March 16, 2009

Just too yankee?

Perhaps my family isn't obsessed enough with weddings or I'm just too yankee, but Somebody is going to die if Lily Beth doesn't catch that bouquet was not for me. Metcalfe and Hays are funny authors, who have written a humourous review of Southern wedding customs.

My family tends to have small weddings; although I have been a bridesmaid in several three ring circus weddings. This may be why I just couldn't get though a whole book on Southern wedding culture. However if your family is into weddings as major events or are from the south, this book may just crack you up! And recipes are included.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Would I be brave enough?

After reading Breach of Peace by Etheridge, I wonder if I would be brave enough to be a Freedom Rider. I'm not sure and it disappoints me.

Etheridge found the mugshots of the 1961 Freedom Riders in Mississippi. Inspired and intrigued, he tried to interview and photograph as many of the Freedom Riders as he could find. I look at the mugshots and many are soooo young. Readers hear about their experiences in 1961 and what they have done since. This is a powerful book and must reading.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

France again, mais oui!

I am a sucker for an expat book. If someone buys a house in a little village, I have to read all about it. I'll never be French (no matter what I do) is my latest wander in France. Greenside, however, has picked Brittany in the north not the south of France. He went the first time with a girlfriend, who wanted to spend several months. His love affair with her didn't last, but his love of the village did.

You would think little more could be written about quirky villagers, the perils of buying a house, etc. Greenside adds his own flavour and the book is fresh. So if like me you do your travels from an armchair, check out I'll never be French.